ComposeEssay 1

Compare and contrast essay program

ComposeEssay is a tool for users who need to create essays based on a "compare and contrast" principle. It creates an interview-like environment, where the writer will have to answer the questions proposed by the program, which will then generate an essay template the writer can follow in order to write the final essay.

ComposeEssay not only helps the user with the structure of the "compare and contrast" essay, but also with the generation of ideas by suggesting subjects and ways to approach each idea.

It asks questions which will make the user view the subject in a more objective manner, making the construction of the essay easier and more varied.

The program goes through five steps to create the template, the first being the choice of two subjects to compare. Then follows the "frame of reference" text for the new essay, the grounds for comparison between the two subjects, the essay scheme and the final step of template generation.